William Briscoe

Say, Yes!

by Aug 22, 2023

Yes is an answer. A single-worded phrase that doesn’t require lengthy explanations. A statement or declaration. Would you like another piece of cake? “Yes.” Are you coming to the party? “Yes.” Do you forgive me? “Yes.” Do you understand? “Yes.” Wanna dance? “YES!” It’s an affirmation. Consent. Assent. *Yes is a confirmation- a positive reply. Think of the times you said yes. What was your motivation? What was your feeling? One of confidence or obedience? Did you feel by agreeing others would validate you? Or, because you felt certain of your answer? I spent years saying NO to situations and opportunities. Often motivated by fear of limited beliefs and control. The risk was too scary for my pride. Thoughts like: I will fail at my goal. I’m not “right” for it. Someone else will do a better job. I can’t have what I want. No, I don’t need help. While we privately deny ourselves vulnerability and trust. I am talking about belief systems. How we are wired and conditioned to give more importance to negative thinking than positive. The negative or critical thoughts serve a purpose: to protect us from the potential threat of danger. We can choose optimistic thoughts that bring joy and adventure to our lives. When I say yes to what scares me curiosity opens. I discover greater depth. I challenge myself. I develop character assets. I learn my strength- connecting with others. I learn to stay focused on what’s important to me. So…say YES. Take that trip. Accept the invitation to a concert. Take a photo- even if you don’t feel hot. Take a pottery class. Try a new cooking recipe. Lend a helping hand. Create new memories. Say YES to LIFE!

*source: vocabulary.com